Guardianship Of Minors: The Basics

In the most basic sense, a child’s guardians are the people legally responsible for making important decisions in the child’s life ― decisions such as where the child will live and go to school. Typically, parents are the guardians of their own children, although family members or anyone can petition to be named as guardians if the children are in need of substitute care.

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When to petition for guardianship

There are many reasons why a court may grant guardianship of a minor. The guiding question is, “Are the children in need of substitute care?”

  • The parents are dealing with criminal issues or are in jail
  • The parents have drug or alcohol problems
  • The parents suffer from mental illness
  • The parents have been accused of abuse or neglect
  • The parents are teenagers and too young to care for the child

Importantly, a change in guardianship is one way to prevent the state’s Division for Children, Youth and Families from becoming involved. Indeed, if a family member steps in and petitions for guardianship, the child can avoid being placed in foster care.

However, before you make any decisions regarding the guardianship of a minor, it is important to examine the implications of such a decision and understand the complex laws that govern this particular area of family law.

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