Navigating Complex Divorce and Property Division

Going through a divorce can often prove to be significantly more complicated when couples have been married for several years ― or when they possess substantial assets. This is primarily due to the fact that property division is typically more difficult when couples have commingled their assets and property for a long time.

At The Legal Connection, P.C., our dedicated professionals will work diligently with you to help ensure that all of your marital property is valued and distributed correctly ― after all, you deserve your fair share. We will not only explain your rights and options regarding property division, but we will also walk you through the divorce process step by step.

Handling businesses and other assets that are hard to value and distribute during divorce

New Hampshire is considered an equitable distribution state. As this phrase implies, marital property must be divided equitably upon divorce. However, this is often easier said than done when significant assets or property are at play.

For instance, when a business is involved in a divorce, many sophisticated and complex methods are needed to determine the business’s value. Without an appropriate measure of value, the court simply cannot apportion assets between the spouses properly. Even if the court ultimately awards the business to only one spouse, it must still know the value of the business so that it can grant different marital assets to the other spouse to offset what his or her share in the business would have been. As you can imagine, this process is quite complicated.

However, a business is not the only marital property that is difficult to deal with and distribute during divorce. Other such assets include:

  • Trusts
  • Retirement accounts such as 401(k)s
  • Pensions
  • Stocks, bonds and other investments

Here at The Legal Connection we have experienced business valuation and investment experts at our disposal to ensure that these assets are properly valued and distributed. We will fight for what you deserve.

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